Trippin’ From Procrastination

So, I’m trying to work.  We’re all prepared for the ice storm that hasn’t let up in hours.  It’s unbelievable!  I’ll take pics when it gets pretty. 

Anyway, we have firewood, the pot of hearty soup cooking… and okay, I even made homemade bread.  (I’m going to get so fat eating my own cooking and practicing that BICHOK thing I told you guys about in the last post.  Someone quick–figure out a way to write and exercise at the same time.  And not a handheld recorder either.  You ever listened to yourself voice writing while on a treadmill???)

So, everyone is here and no one is leaving.  For days, if the image through the window is any indication. 

I’ve already handwritten the description of a magic shop and a short, but hopefully, funny battle with a creature inside… it’s going into the current chapter.  So, it’s not as if I don’t have something to work on.  (Wait.  Deep Thought.  Do writers ever not have work to do?) 

But, it’s usually during the typing of the handwritten stuff that the really good ‘stuff’ happens.  It’s the time when you play and tweak and well, discover things about your characters you aren’t sure you wanted to know.

So, yeah, I’m distracted by the ice, the food smells, the kids… I’m procrastinating.  It was short trip, but holy crap, it turned out to be so cool!  I discovered a new widget called Sonfic.  Music.  (Yeah, I know, I know.  You can’t get away from the subject here.)   Anyway, I set it up and started typing in different bands and as usual, a lot of my favorites aren’t in there– some I find surprising since they’ve been around forever.

Then, just for kicks, I type in my brother’s band and about fell out of my chair!!  Psymbience is in there!  See that album cover to the right?  That is my little brother’s band.  So, yeah, I’m trippin’ because it’s weird listening to the brat’s band on the Net.  And don’t share this with him, but my big sister heart went all ‘Benji Movie’ when it first loaded onto my page.  (If you don’t get that reference, you’re too freaking young– it means one of those long “Awwwwwws.”)

So, you can check out the brat, I mean, Psymbience, right here without leaving my site.  CD Baby’s description:

” It’s like a strange mix of Pink Floyd, Tool and Primus. However this band is truly unique and difficult to stick into any particular genre of music. This independent band could be the next catalyst in modern music.”

I always did like this song, especially the last part.  Here are the lyrics while you listen. 🙂


Yielding before cleverness of rebuttal
Is a selfless course of reaction taken
Bringing forth the common core
Dismantling ones own fortress
Sparing all individuals retribution

Free will grants the instincts for revenge
And the alternate necessity for movement within
To interpret wrongly with assumption
Consumes the merciful voice

Expecting gratification is the worst vice
Do not want for reward from submission
After all generosity roots in sacrifice

There must be a turning within us
Much like the turning of the universe

 Turn as the earth and moon, turn
Circling what they need each other

You can check out my brother’s band here.  In fact, go there, click listen now and prepare yourself for Medium— cool, funky and fantastic– give the whole thing a chance.  Oh, listen to them all, they’re certainly different–there’s even a nearly twelve minute instrumental on that CD! 

(For those on Bloglines, my apologies for the many updates.  Had wonky formatting issues. )


About Rinda Elliott

Writer.I love unusual stories and credit growing up in a family of curious life-lovers who moved all over the country. Books and movies full of fantasy, science fiction and romance kept us amused, especially in some of the stranger places. For years, I tried to separate my darker side with my humorous and romantic one. I published short fiction, but things really started happening when I gave in and mixed it up. When not lost in fiction, I love making wine, collecting music, gaming and spending time with my husband and two children. I’m represented by Miriam Kriss of the Irene Goodman Agency.
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