Rare Restaurant Review

This post is for anyone in the OKC area or anyone who comes to visit! 

I love to cook.  Love to cook Italian dishes with wine.  I cook with wine so often, I make my own as most of you know.  😉 But when we decide to go out for a special meal, my family’s first request is Vito’s.

I LOVE VITO’S.  (Click on the name for directions, menu, etc.)

It has a lovely, cozy atmosphere that works whether you’re having a romantic night out, dinner with good friends, or even a last minute treat after Halloween costume shopping with the kiddos.  We have never had a bad meal.  In fact, every single experience has been memorable. 

The meal starts with homemade, tasty bread and a dipping sauce overflowing with fresh garlic, Parmesan and spices.  We always order the crab ravioli appetizer.  You only get three, but they’re fairly large and well-stuffed.  Every bite dipped in the accompanying pesto cream sauce should be savored slowly.  (We end up dipping the bread in the sauce, as well.  It’s seriously good bread, full of spices–dense and chewy.)

We’ve tried several items on the menu–all good– but my husband and I have learned to wait until we hear the special.   Tonight it was a beef filet over tortellini stuffed with prosciutto and cheeses, with a side of fresh green beans.  OH MAN.  The beans were perfectly crisp with just the right amount of sweetness, the steak was cooked just to order and every tortellini was like a perfectly wrapped gift of heaven.  And let me just say… for dessert… homemade tiramisu. 

Everything is welcoming, from the personal greeting from the owner, Cathy Cummings, down to the fresh cut flowers on the tables.  Cathy is always so very friendly and goes out of her way to make sure you have the best dining experience. She’s great for a new wine recommendation, too. 😉 

And for lovers of figs, tonight she shared hints about some very special upcoming dishes using fresh figs from California.

Look over the website, the menu–better yet, give Vito’s a try. My husband and I both hope to spend anniversaries there for years to come.  

And tonight we decided to celebrate future book sales there as well.  😉


About Rinda Elliott

Writer.I love unusual stories and credit growing up in a family of curious life-lovers who moved all over the country. Books and movies full of fantasy, science fiction and romance kept us amused, especially in some of the stranger places. For years, I tried to separate my darker side with my humorous and romantic one. I published short fiction, but things really started happening when I gave in and mixed it up. When not lost in fiction, I love making wine, collecting music, gaming and spending time with my husband and two children. I’m represented by Miriam Kriss of the Irene Goodman Agency.
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3 Responses to Rare Restaurant Review

  1. Celise says:

    I love a good Italian restaurant. My fav out here in Phx is Macaroni Grill. They have opera-trained singers there that will sing to you on your birthday. They’re voices are amazing! And they’ve got the best tiramisu!

    BTW, you’ve been nominated. Be sure to check out my blog.

  2. Rinda says:

    One of my writer’s groups meets at Mac Grill. There is some fantastic food there, too.

    Been nominated… I haven’t checked my Bloglines today, so I haven’t seen it yet. 😉

  3. seshdotcom says:

    I heard the Italian Restaurant have the thin crust Pizzas to be the Special Food so are they having any other special food other than this???

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