FORESWORN-Early Surprise Snippet!

       Sisters of Fate #3

Sisters of Fate #3


I’m turning in FORESWORN for the very, very last time. So how about a surprise snippet? 😉


“Call me later. At this number. Let me know you’re okay.”

“I will.” Other people in the parking lot were stopping, rubbing their ears. “Hey, Raven? Be safe, okay?”

“You, too, Kat.”

The sadness in my sister’s voice cut into me.

Arun came around his truck. “It feels like the world is muffled.”

I nodded because that’s exactly how it felt. Like someone had plugged my ears so all the sound around me came at a different decibel. It was so strange. Like even my nose had been stuffed with cotton balls.

“Come on,” he said. “Maybe it’s better inside the store.”

But the closer we walked toward the store, the quieter it got. I walked around a set of shopping carts, noticed that even the sounds in the air—the cars, birds and snow—seemed to disappear. To test my theory, I went back and walked on the other side of the carts. Sound got louder.

I took Arun’s hand and pulled him back to walk him on either side of the carts to show him. He stared to our left. “Someone yelled over there earlier. Let’s head that way.” He pointed toward the fast-food restaurant at the front of the store’s parking lot. There was a lake beyond the restaurant, and I looked around and realized this was near the place I’d pulled over to talk to Raven yesterday morning. It was hard to believe everything that had happened since then.

We walked closer to the lake. Snow fell hard and fast, coating the trees, the ground. Some even floated on top of the water. A group of blackbirds gathered overhead and I heard the distant sound of their cries.

But they were right over our heads.

They should have been so loud.

After we stepped off the pavement and onto the grass, everything sort of just stopped. I stepped to the right and again heard the cries of the blackbirds above us. Barely. Arun touched my arm and I looked at him. He held up a finger in the universal “wait” signal. Frowning, he took another step to the right, stopped, then moved left. His dark eyes went wide and he gestured for me to follow.

I stepped to the left and even the sounds from the birds disappeared.

At this point, all I heard was the fast pound of my own heartbeat. And it raced, raced, raced because everything in me at this point was screaming for me to start walking backward. Back into the parking lot, back to the truck. As fast as humanly possible.

But another part of me wanted to keep going left so I could see why the noise seemed to be sucked out of the atmosphere with every step.

So I took another.

This time, even my heartbeat stopped sounding in my ears. There was complete and total silence and nothing in my entire weird, crazy life had ever sent this sort of terror singing through my veins. It moved so fast and hard, I half expected to hear it swimming through my body.

I closed my eyes, tried to wrestle back the fear and felt Arun take my hand.

I stared at his hand, then looked up at him, expecting to find one of his kind smiles as he offered me comfort. But he wasn’t looking at me. His eyes were narrow and directed to a group of drooping snow-covered trees right next to the water.

In that moment, something in my chest—this knot that had made everything feel tight and full—sort of loosened up. Warmth flowed through me, and I tightened my fingers around his. His expression, when he looked down at me, turned that warmth into something I hadn’t felt since that night I’d taken another boy’s hand and followed him into the woods.



Arun tilted his head left, wanting me to go with him.

I nodded but tugged on his hand first.

He bent close but shook his head. I knew he was telling me he wouldn’t be able to hear me, but I hadn’t planned to say anything. Instead, I stretched up and pressed my lips to his. He smiled against my mouth, then kissed me back. When I pulled away, there was something new in his gaze as he stared at me, something thoughtful. And something kind of hot.

Answering heat crept up my neck, and I guess he could see it because he grinned and touched my cheek.

Brigg’s face appeared right next to ours and he rolled his eyes.

I rolled my eyes back, then glared at him.

He laughed silently, his smile fading fast as he pointed.  

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Amazon UK Price Drop on Sisters of Fate Books

The prices on FORETOLD and FORECAST dropped in the UK’s Amazon. It translates to $2.01 per book. Pretty nice, eh? Less than a cup of fancy coffee and you can’t re-drink that. LOL. 



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Video Blog

This is the first video blog I did for Rachel at Fiktshun. I gave her first dibs but now that the wonderful giveaway she did for my books is over, I’ll share it with my readers here. 🙂

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Another Forecast Review

SistersofFate button 2

Another wonderful review from a reader who really “got” Taran and Coral in FORECAST. There are no words for how great that feels. My characters “feel” real to me. So much. So reading that others fell for them makes it even more so for me. See this great review at Supernatural Snark! 


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Where to Find Me

I’ve been so lucky to be invited to some wonderful reviewer blogs this week. Here are a few places you can find me.

Supernatural Snark This interview was a blast and I’m still responding to reader comments. Having a good time. 😉

Bewitched Bookworms Another very fun interview where I share a little background about the book.

Fiktshun My first ever video blog where I answer some reader questions. There are still three days left to enter to win one of 5 sets of FORETOLD and FORECAST. The reviewer is doing this giveaway because she loves the books so much. In fact, check out this review. I can’t even describe how good this made me feel!

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I’ve been really excited about the release of this book. I loved writing about Coral and Taran and am still grinning over how much my editor fell for Taran. FORECAST is the second in my Norse young adult trilogy about teens fighting to stop the end of the world.  With every book, the danger escalates.

Amazon    AmazonUK (price is fixed)  Barnes and Noble


Forecast final cover


Here’s a snippet leading into one of my favorite scenes in the book.

“Dad.” Taran held up his hands. “You have to listen to me.

“I saw this locked in evidence myself.” Grady’s stare held something that ripped into my gut like a knife. It had to be shredding Taran. Horror. His father was looking at him with a mix of horror and devastation. “How is this here?”

Taran’s throat moved as he swallowed and his voice when he spoke sounded rusty. “You’re not gonna believe me.”

“Try me.”

“There’s a lot more going on here than you understand.”

His dad narrowed his eyes. “Really.”

Taran walked toward his father. “Mom was right. About everything.” He lowered his voice. “You know the stories as well as I do and it’s all coming true. Right now. The snow? The wave?”

“The giants,” breathed Josh. He stood by the front window, his face draining of color right as a thunderous crash sounded from outside.

“What?” I asked, startled.

Grady Breen beat the rest of us to the window. “What the—”

“There’s more than one.” Josh put his palms on the glass. “And they’re nothing like the one we saw last night.”

The house shook, the tea in a mug on the coffee table sloshed, and I was reminded of that scene in Jurassic Park when the T-Rex walked through the jungle. Taran and I stared at each other and I could see the acceptance settle on his face as he realized what he had to do. I held my breath, feeling the power rolling off him in waves of electricity that made the hair on my arms stand.

His dad must have felt it because he turned his shocked gaze from the window to his son, and I saw a flurry of emotions pass over his features until it all faded into a mix of determination and acceptance. “Your mom was right about all of it. I can’t believe it.” He shook his head, then squared his shoulders as another crash sounded from outside, followed by a woman’s terrified scream.

Grim came into the room, carrying the glove and the staff.

I quickly handed Taran his coat. He didn’t look away from me as he slid his arms in the sleeves. I stepped close, zipped up the coat and stood on my toes. He leaned down so our faces were even. Swallowing the fear gathering in my throat, I searched for the right words, but all I could think to say was, “Don’t die.”

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Fun With Website Buttons



Not sure I’d call this fun because I kind of suck at making buttons right now. I used to be better at this but then, I used to use Gimp and that software seems to have disappeared off my computer. So, until I find it, I’ve been playing with the idea of putting these out in case anyone would like to add them to their websites and link to the bookstores of your choice. 🙂

Sisters of fate button

SistersofFate button 2

SistersofFate button 3

SistersofFate button 4

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Today is the FORETOLD Live Read!


Click the graphic or HERE to get the details on today’s live read of the first in my Norse young adult romances with Harlequin Teen! Authors Devon Monk and Karen Mahoney are going to read the book live starting at 10 a.m. EST. Come find out how you can join in the fun and get in the running for prizes! Also just go to look at the wonderful, wonderful author pics!!!

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Fun Announcement about the Dame-to-Dame Read!

Click on the graphic to check out the fun new feature we’ll be doing at The Deadline Dames. One day reading parties where we invite readers to join. And there are prizes! The first book we’re reading next week is mine. FORETOLD!


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FORECAST-Surprise Snippet!

FORECAST releases in less than a month on August 5th. I’m nervous and excited and hopeful that readers will enjoy it. My editor LOVED Taran and I had a lot of fun writing him and his…moods. So, here is a surprise excerpt showing part of a scene that showcases one of his more interesting ways of dealing with a bad situation. LOL.

Warning: Yeah, this is a young adult novel and no, it isn’t riddled with curse words. This particular scene is because of one ticked off adult after their car accident. 😉

Forecast final cover

I looked outside to see that Taran clenched two fistfuls of the man’s coat in his hands. He lifted the much bigger man off the ground. People around them started backing up. All I heard was the pattering of snow on the roof of my car, the moan of the wind coming between the houses. I scrambled out, slammed the door and ran around to Taran.

Nostrils flaring, Taran aimed a harsh glare at the man he held. I expected lightning bolts to shoot out of his eyes any second.

“Kid, put me down.” The driver’s bushy black eyebrows squished together, his eyes widening as he stared at Taran. His curly black hair whipped about in the wind as he struggled and grabbed Taran’s wrists.

“Hey,” I said softly as I laid one gentle hand on Taran’s side. A part of me thought he might go off if startled. His brown gaze flicked down to me. I smiled. Or tried to. I was pretty sure ice was forming on my cheeks. “You’re freezing. I’m freezing. Let’s just go.”

He stared as if I were speaking in another language. The guy in the air fought harder, kicking out his legs. One hit me. Hard. I winced and stepped back, then rushed forward again when Taran actually growled and started shaking him.

A loud rumble of thunder shook the earth.

“Let him go!” I blinked as snow pummeled my eyes and face. The wind hit hard, growing so loud, it sounded like ocean waves. It burrowed into me, forcing me to grab onto Taran’s arm to stay still. Everyone else ran back to their cars. The snowflakes thickened, my teeth started chattering. “H-hey! W-we can’t stay out in this. Let him go! It was an a-accid-dent. Not your fault!”

“Hell yeah, it was his fault. You heard the bitch. Put me down.”

“What did you call her?” Taran didn’t yell, but we both heard him over the wind. Lightning flashed in the overcast sky, followed by a sharp clap of thunder so loud I winced.

The sneer in the man’s voice pissed me off too, so I turned and wiggled between them, my entire back plastered to the front of Taran as I looked up at the guy. Then I sniffed as a whiff of something hit me. Surprised any scent lingered in this wind, I leaned forward, smelled his coat and realized why it had. Wincing, I held my hand over my nose. “My M-mom used to date this guy who reminds me a l-lot of you only he had long hair and a long beard.”

“I remind you of what? Girl, I don’t care about your mama. I’m freezing my ass off, the sky is about to open up even more, and we need to exchange numbers so He-Man here can pay for the damages. Drop the chitchat. Tell your freak boyfriend to put me down!” He brought up his fist.

Taran made another growling noise in the back of his throat. Lightning rent the sky again. My mouth dropped open as I realized the sky seemed to be reacting to his mood. Every hair on my body stood. I had to calm him down. Now.

I reached behind me to touch him, somehow knowing that worked. My hand ended up on his hip. He stiffened up, went completely silent for a moment, then kind of chuckled. I glared back up at the dangling, wiggling man. “Look, this c-cold is killing me. That guy my mom dated smelled just like you. Cheap whiskey. It sticks in your clothes.”

A cop car pulled to a stop a few houses down.

“Just go home,” I told him.

Taran dropped him and the man staggered back. He brushed his hands down over his coat, snarled at me. “Stupid bitch.”

I had to turn and physically wrap my arms around Taran’s waist when he started to step after the man again. “Gods, I’m freezing. Let’s just g-go, okay? It’s okay. You don’t want to get into more trouble, and he r-reeks of booze.”

He stared down at me, blinked as he seemed to get himself under control. Then he snorted. “Were you petting me?”

“N-no.” I frowned as the sky seemed to settle. “Well, sort of.”

The corner of his full lips went up. “I liked it.”

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